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Albert Einstein once said, “everything is energy.” People have life force energy flowing through them. Reiki, a Japanese technique of laying on hands to guide energy, means spiritually guided life force energy. A Reiki practitioner’s hand positions work to guide and shift energy for the benefit of promoting healing and enhanced well-being. Additionally, did you know Reiki can also clear and elevate the energy of physical spaces like homes, offices and businesses?  Receiving a Reiki session from afar, called Distant Reiki, provides the same Reiki energy power as in-person sessions and often costs less.  When Reiki practitioners are limited in your area or located far away, this is an ideal option.

Here are top four reasons Distant Reiki is beneficial for business:

Shift energy for the flow of new opportunities to emerge. Reiki guides the removal of energy blocks stuck in our energy fields and our physical spaces. Stuck energy blocks higher energy frequencies trying to connect to us to elevate our work and lives. Releasing stuck energy in the office and business with reiki makes room for an elevated shift; higher vibrational thoughts, actions, and experiences have the space to come through and align with our best interests.

Working from home brings all that business energy into the home. Clear it. The meeting may be over, but the energy from the meeting is still in the home. Business done throughout the house can affect a peaceful home environment, if not cleared out and the space cleaned consistently.  The people we listen to, meet with, or are in the same vicinity with have energy they give off. Some energy sticks like cooties. Some energy is light and bounces off.  Distant Reiki performed on the home helps clear negative or low vibrational energy in our physical spaces and physical energy body.

Enhance intuition for making high vibrational choices. Distant Reiki assists with releasing mental energy blocks in order for intuition to guide the ego-mind more easily.  The limited ego thinks it’s in control, but intuition holds limitless power. It’s intuition that comes up with the great ideas that seem to come out of nowhere. Ego knows this, tries to shut intuition down, and control everything. However, when intuition is able to guide an open mind, due to shifting mental energy from reiki, the ego-mind more easily aligns with intuition to understand the inspired actions to take for one’s highest good.

Release emotional energy blocks to promote healing. Our well-being affects everything we do yet we often tend to give most of our energy to our work rather than our health. Clearing emotional and physical energy with reiki promotes healing which positively infuses new energy in our work.  A new sense of connection, quick solutions, and more effortless flow in our work may occur.

Whether Distant Reiki or in-person reiki, it’s up to the recipient to initiate contact for receiving reiki and being open to receive. Results are unique to each individual. 30-minute and 1-hour Distant Reiki sessions are available with certified Reiki practitioner, Katie Lindler.  When open to receive reiki, contact Katie to schedule at or visit 

for more info.


Distant Reiki Testimonial

With Practitioner located in North Carolina and Recipient in California

“Katie connected with deep rooted energy blocks within me and was able to work through them and ultimately release them. I felt the shift immediately physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It was powerful.” Alyssa, Sales, Los Angeles

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