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Archangel Raziel and The Artists Musique share insight through rhyming lyrics about the energy shift occurring right now on Earth and how everyone is entering the Golden Age.

From Archangel Raziel and The Artists Musique

Channeled by Katie Lindler

August 31, 2021

In a not so distant future you will see,

What is in store for you and me,

Without judgment and pain,

Without crying doves and without purple drops of rain.

I know now it’s the violet flame of Saint Germaine.

He is an Angel in disguise,

A Master ascended on most high.

The purple existence indeed is alive.

The energy within the storm,

Fills a fountain of great glory like never before,

Simplicity is in store; the simple truth of who you truly are,

You will feel it ever more, that you are loved and you are adored.

Popular deceit,

Gives way to expansion and completes,

The awakening down the street,

Up the streets and to the galaxies,

Far beyond the sphere and underneath the crusted dome.

Earth will ignite an energy and explode

The new vibration across the planet and will shatter the sleepers' dreams,

To open up to the real scene.

If you’re in 3D, you’ll be looking only at the surface changes in your life.

If you are ascending to 5D or more, well, what a time to be alive!

Direct your attention inward to your world and clean up your space first.

Clean up the fear, sweep up all the dirt

You’ve accumulated in your brain and houses, before you burst

Out into this wonderful new heart-centered place, the entire planet.

The wounds heal and darkness goes away, quickly we come in and you’ll see how we planned it.

Everyone United, one nation, under God, all countries join together.

You all came here together, each one making a divine contract to help, to grow, to bear the fear of the stormy weather.

This is a new Golden Age,

We never before experienced life this way,

You decide to lift your spirit high or hide back in the cave,

For those running or hiding, they will be sent away.

You focus on you, release fear and relearn how to love yourself and your neighbors.

You matter.

Every person and thing is part of Great Source together.

Mother Earth needs your love and care, She holds the new vibration just as you do now.

Help our Mother Earth regenerate; she will show you how.

Follow the instant thought, the one that seems to come up magically out of nowhere.

Believe in your new life; a dream come true is already there.

Shining your brightest,

You will be guided.

It’s right here inside of you,

We will guide you to bring your dreams through

Out into the physical world, because we love you, yes, we do.

Ask for help from your Spirit Guides!

When you do, you are in for a ride!

The ride gets easier,

You manifest faster.

Soon the galaxies with life everywhere and with no end

Will be made known as our allies and friends,

Standing together with humankind,

Trust. Breathe and Believe in the plan of The Divine.


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