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High quality SOFTCOVER, 8 x 8 inches (coffee-table style) full-color, 216-page book with full page illustrations:

LIFE IN LYRICS: CHANNELING A MUSICIAN BY WRITING WITH SPIRIT GUIDES is the true story of the author’s experience with Channeled Writing - channeling a well-known musician from the afterlife who has come back to reach a loved one and has messages for his band, Spirit Guides including Archangels teach us about working with our spiritual team to co-create music, writing, and anything creative in the flow, and gives insights into the shift in energy on Earth and within each of us, the new Golden Age upon us, and higher frequencies we will experience.

The book is channeled writing of rhyming lyrical stories and song lyrics - many from a musician's perspective!


Published by Balboa Press, a Division of Hay House Publishing.


BOOK: $29.99

TAX: $2.02 (6.75%)

SHIPPING: $4.67 Media Rate

TOTAL: $36.68

LIFE IN LYRICS BOOK includes shipping & tax

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